Case study: ROLCO VIANIL

The history of ROLCO begins in 1948 when the first production unit of paints and detergents was established in Moschato under the name “VIANIL Muscat Paints” and is today the largest purely Greek industry in the field of detergents and cleaners.
ROLCO products such as ROL and AVA were destined to make history in the field of detergents. In 2008 ROLCO innovates again with the launch of the series of planets detergents and cleaners. The complete range of detergents and cleaners that respects the environment and makes ecology an affordable choice for everyone.


The need
Monitoring the storage and distribution process (warehouse management).

Business challenges
Prior to the start of the project, the main problem faced by ROLCO was the inability to work with a complete and unified database for the production, customers, suppliers, warehouse and distribution of products, as well as the immediate updating of which would have a unified structure and content, and would be available to all users.
While the company had ERP and WMS, the collaboration between them had significant gaps, the risk of error when repeating the same information from different employees of the company in different software and computer systems was high. Many procedures and operations were not recorded and this made it difficult to monitor and coordinate between the company’s departments, which created delays in servicing orders, difficulty in routing trucks, delays in picking orders, and stock errors.

The solution
Rolco needed a state-of-the-art ERP system solution for inventory tracking and management, as well as integrated communication between production (ERP), sales, warehousing and distribution (WMS). Essentially, the single solution could create a bridge of communication with all the productive departments of the company and provide immediate information to the management. The solution that was implemented had as main axes:

  • Implementation of an integrated ERP management system in all locations of the company (domestic markets and foreign markets, sales, warehouse, financial accounting and management, fixed asset management information system), with the aim of gathering information and the possibility of their unified management for all the productive departments.
  • Implementation of a warehouse management system (WMS) in full communication with the new ERP system, for the rationalization and coordination between all departments from production, pricing to service of orders, routing of trucks for distribution, as well as proper management in company stock.
  • Integration of a unified information system by all units of the company.
  • Changing traditional structures and corresponding business procedures to accommodate modernization and automation solutions.

The benefits

  • Following the joint database provided by ERP, Rolco was informed of the actual financial condition of the company and significantly reduced the completion time of all financial years.
  • Common rules were created for the work and the automation of the processes, which led to an increase in the efficiency of the company’s employees.
  • The implementation of the ERP system has led to improved inventory management and supply chain, more detailed inventory recording and optimization of the company’s merchandise flow.
  • The ERP solution streamlines work, reduces response times and minimizes costs. Works directly with other ERP modules, including sales, inventory, markets, accounting and financial information.
  • Integration of Accounting Costing (Industrial) for automatic calculation of direct and indirect production costs.
  • Systematic control and automated inventory consumption.
  • Smooth operation of industrial facilities and avoidance of delays in the production process.
  • Reliable information, faster administrative decisions.

In terms of quality of functionality, the most important advantage is the adaptability of ERP applications that cover every possible need, current or future. In particular, with regard to WMS, it was very important for the company that the software could support fully computerized inventory management, but at the same time be able to highlight the points of improvement of existing operating procedures and the implementation of new ones, in order to achieve tomorrow’s goals.
Today the solutions are used by 120 users.

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

Copyright by Alfa Consultants. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Alfa Consultants. All rights reserved.